The Body Shop VIP Bloggers Event Brighton 10th April 2018

So, recently me and Saffron Watson attended another VIP Blogger Event at The Body Shop Brighton, arranged by the wonderful James.

From left to right; MaxMEJamesCharlie and Saffron.

Although we attended an event in Chichester only a few weeks ago (read about it here TBS Event Chichester) I was still super excited to get to meet more of the fabulous staff, look at more of the products and learn more about the company and everything they stand for.

So first off here is the gorgeous store manager Charlotte, she was such a dream, really helpful and friendly and even modelled the lovely Red Panda Headband for me for this picture – me and Saffronwent on to buy our own ones later that evening…

After introductions and the welcome talk, we got the pleasure of watching Maddie do a bright festival inspired makeover

This was a really fun look to watch Maddie create, lots of pinks and glitter and bright colours – everything you need for a gorgeous, show-stopping festival look!

I don’t think enough people are aware of the makeup on offer at The Body Shop.

There are so many fabulous products, super high pigment gorgeous colour eyeshadows, long lasting liquid lipsticks, flawless foundations, super soft brushes and everything in between… But the best part? It is ALL Cruelty-Free!


At this event I purchased the Shade Adjusting Drops in Lightening.

Like a lot of people I love to fake tan, but this means I have a range of foundations in all sorts of funny shades and when I am not tanned I needed to make those deep dark shades (a lot) lighter.

I was a bit concerned whether this would affect the consistency of the foundation as a lot of lightening products can make the product a lot thinner. I was pleasantly surprised as the product did not change the consistency of my foundation at all! Hurrah! I would say to use roughly 3 drops of the lightening liquid with your usual amount of foundation you would use, the only thing to note is that it is quite a dry liquid (if that makes sense?!) so ensure to moisturise first to make your foundation and lightening drops slide on that little bit easier.

okay so maybe my secret favourite part of the evening was the Hook-A-Duck station (and not just because it was manned by the sauce pot that is Max)

I never usually win anything, I am just super unlucky in that sense so winning Hook-A-Duck was the literal best thing to happen to me in 2018. Is that a bit sad? I don’t care!

I won the gorgeous Vitamin E Daily Moisture Cream,

I usually use The Vitamin C Range, but sometimes if you use the same product for too long your skin can get used to it so it is definitely good to shake it up a bit! I am genuinely in love with The Vitamin E Range and have since got myself the Cleanser and Toner too.

So guys it is that time again  #FOREVERAGAINSTANIMALTESTING . I wrote about this last time – The Body Shop needs 8 Million signatures by Summer 2018 to take to the UN to get a worldwide ban on animal testing. So far they are at just over 5 Million, so please sign the petition!

I am forever against animal testing, are you?

One of the best parts of these events is that Wagamama’s get involved, with all the craze of cruelty-free/vegan products Wagamama’s is the best partner with their extensive vegan menu.

This time around we had these fab girls bringing round the ‘Positive Juice’ which was delicious!

It contained spinach, cucumber, pineapple, apple, and lime – which together tasted a lot like kiwi surprisingly.

Okay, so this is the bit I know everyone is curious about, what was in my goodybag?!

So this one was super cute! So firstly I got the little Strawberry Treats set, an adorable neckerchief for your pet which says “I Am Forever Against Animal Testing”. Now I did try to get a picture of my dog in this, but he is a bit of wriggler and I haven’t managed to capture it just yet! Keep an eye on my Instagram @lilsnt  as I will be posting one as soon as I can get him to stay still.

I got a pot of the Strawberry Softening Body Butter which I have to be honest isn’t my FAVOURITE as I tend to favour muskier scents such as Shea, but it is definitely growing on me and I am starting to like smelling like sweet little fruit.

So as always there were a couple of gorgeous samples, including Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil , This one I am SO excited to try as I have recently really succumb to using oils rather than creams, I love the way my skin feels after using an oil.

TOP TIP FOR OILS – put a few drops in your hands, rub hands together to warm the oil and then press into your skin rather than rubbing as you would with a cream. The warmth opens your pores and pressing the oil in will help it soak into your skin better.

We also received a sample of the Drops of Youth Concentrate,  Japenese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing MaskAmazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask.

I also got a little bag, of a little sample of a few of the different products from the Drops of Lightrange, which I am hoping will help balance my skin tone as I have a few darker patches and my skin can look quite dull if I don’t use a lot of super glowy nice products. Very excited to try, stay tuned for a review of all of the above!


I just wanted to tell everyone, if you read my post about the event I attended at The Body Shop Chichester I received a sample of the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Overnight Mask where I added a little review but I just wanted to say I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH. My skin is quite sensitive so using harsh scrubs or masks can leave me a bit stingy and red, this is a to die for product if you have skin like mine.

It looks like a luminous green jelly/slime which was initially a bit concerning as I didn’t want it to go in my hair or on my pillow! No need to panic though, the product goes onto the skin clear – phew – and within 2-5 minutes dries completely and creates a sort of soft film over your face. Honestly the smell is intense for the first minute or two – I didn’t mind as I love the smell of tea tree – this does die down really quickly. But when you wake up oh my gosh, it is so lovely. My skin feels so energised and so soft and as it is non-abrasive it doesn’t leave your skin red when you wake up, which for people with sensitive skin you will know how annoying it is looking like a ripe tomato after using a face mask.

“Our Heritage Lives Here” – Did you know The Body Shop started in Brighton?

So me and my very dear friend Saffron love to take selfies, this much is clear if you look at either of our Instagrams @lilsnt @saffronwatson_

So I hope you enjoy the following selfies of us at The Body Shop Brighton VIP Bloggers Event!


I just thought I better share with everyone that I have had to create a “body shop drawer” in my room as I have SO many products. This drawer simply contains the products I have purchased or received in the last MONTH. Eeek. I think I am addicted.

This was such a wonderful evening, filled with bubbling prosecco, smiling staff, hand & arm massages, skin care specialists helping people buy the right products, tutorials, games and fun.

I am so pleased I was able to attend this event and I look forward to more in the future!


With love,






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