Northern Ireland May 2018

I really like going to new places, I’m sure most people do, to be honest, but I would say I love traveling. I have been to some extraordinary places in my life, I have been incredibly lucky.

Well recently I have been looking at new adventures and holidays only to find that everywhere is double the price it was two years ago. I just do not have £1,500 to spend on a one-week holiday when it used to be £600. What is up with that?

Anyway, I decided to try and go on more local holidays – and guess what I found? England is more expensive than any other fucking country. What is the point?

Not to fear it is not all doom and gloom.

Me and my good friend Courtney were sat in our local pub one evening (a few pinots in) and were discussing holidays and in a slightly wine-infused manner suddenly remember Courtney is Irish and definitely has family in Ireland.


We are straight on the phone to Courtney’s nan and within minutes we had booked a date and were all sorted for a mini adventure two weeks later.

Northern Ireland is INCREDIBLE (prepare for coastal pictures).

So there were two things I LOVED about Northern Ireland and Belfast, 1) the views. Oh my good god, the views. I have been to some exceptional countries in my time but the views along the coast were breath-taking. 2) the alcohol. Their measurements are twice the size as the ones here in England (so if you have a double you are effectively having a quadruple!).

The first night we arrived, within 2.5 minutes of being out of the airport Courtney had arranged a bar crawl. SOS. We literally ran back to her nan’s house, got changed and were out the door to a bar.

Alongside the measurement sizes, they had other cool drinking-related things


This is literally a slushy machine with alcohol in it! I mean it was probably the strongest thing I have ever had in my life but I was a big fan of the Bacardi one.

Safe to say the next morning I was not feeling so perky, but Courtney’s dad insisted we went to Coast Road. Which is a super long road all along the coast and the views were enough to overcome the hangover (that and the burger I got from a van on the side of the road)

A picture of Courtney taking a picture – artsy right.
You know when the picture will never do it justice but you have to try

You don’t know views until you drive up Coast Road and stop at the viewpoint and look at all of this. I can’t express how gorgeous it was and no pictures will ever cover it.

Coast Road viewpoint – No filter needed.

From Coast Road we went to the Giants Causeway – Do you know about this? It’s amazing!!!!! Its a fantastic coastal feature with naturally formed hexagon rocks, although if you are to believe the legends it was the giants of Ireland preparing for war with the Scottish giants. I will leave it up to you which one you believe.

I am a sucker for nice views, especially beaches or the sea so I was over the moon to be sat along the rocks, with the waves crashing inches away from us.

The wind wasn’t allowing for Courtneys photoshoot
Sun, wind and the spray of the sea is not ideal for selfies, but we got there.

After spending all day on the road (and drinking a ridiculous amount of tequila and other nice things) we were too dead to go out on Saturday night so we brought bottles of red wine and watched Netflix – adventurous I know.

When Sunday rolled around I was so ready for more adventures, but we became not so much rock climbers and stuck to what we know – shopping and drinking. The bars were fantastic, even on a Sunday afternoon, there was live music and beautiful pubs on every corner!

I wish I had taken more pictures but I was trying to “live in the moment” etc. By enjoying what was happening rather than taking pictures every two seconds, I sort of regret my decision a little now but I did get quite a good Instagram story out of it, which you can check out as I have made it a highlighted story on my profile now!

Basically, I know not everyone is going to have relatives who live in cool places but my overall point is to be more open-minded. The UK has a lot to offer if you are willing to look!

I am heading to Inverness, Scotland at the beginning of July so keep an eye out for Instagram posts and a blog post following that!


With love,



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