My experience of NOT going to university

I took a little inspo from my friend Saffron’s experience of going to Uni and decided to tell my tale of not going.

I think everyone has different perceptions and experiences of university and there are great stories and some horrendous ones, but I’m going to share my thoughts about not going.

Quick disclaimer; this is not a post to trash talk university, hats off to anyone who is going or has been and has smashed it, it isn’t easy and it’s truly admirable.

That being said, it isn’t for everyone and that’s okay!

They ask you to pick out your college course while you’re still at school, before you have any experience in anything, then they ask you to pick your university course before you have even finished your college course – its total madness. I’m now 21 years old, 14 jobs later and countless life plans and I am only just figuring out what I like doing and what I want to do.

I wasn’t ready to make the choice, I definitely had interests and created a few plans in my head but I simply was not ready and I don’t regret taking the time to gain experience and figure out what I am truly interested in.

Don’t get me wrong I definitely experienced total self-doubt and hit a complete wall. I was kicking myself because I had NOTHING to fall back on or that’s what I was telling myself anyway.

I freaked out and convinced myself I HAD to go to uni to have anything to offer to future employers or in life – its simply not true.

A lot of professions require higher education and if you know what you want to do, then more power to you! But for me, it wasn’t so clear.

The reason I don’t regret not going is that I have gained SO much valuable experience in so many different fields! I have been referred to as a Jack of All Trades quite a lot – before you say it that is not to say I’m a master of none!

It took years of dabbling in different sectors to find things I enjoyed doing and that I was good at, but the great thing about university is that it will always be there, it is never too late to go.

I still don’t know if I will ever want to, but its comforting to know the opportunity never goes away!

There was a time I bumped into someone I went to school with and she told me she was studying Law, History and some other fancy topics and then asked what I was doing and when I said I was selling gym memberships full time she sort of went “Oh… Well, that’s okay too”. That’s okay too? Cheers for your validation.

My point is, it is okay. We aren’t on some clock about what we should do and when, if you are taking a different path to someone else then doesn’t make your path any less valuable or important.

I have never felt that it has held me back, although there have been instances when I have wanted to apply for a certain job it has said you need a qualification in something or other so that kind of sucks. But all it means is you work that much harder to show yourself off rather than your qualifications.

If you are willing to work your arse off and prove yourself then there is nothing you can’t do.

I have worked some pretty terrible jobs to get to where I am now and now I am working for the best company ever in a position that I love, so sometimes it works!

The moral of the story is;

Its okay to go to uni and have the full uni lifestyle, it’s okay to go to uni but live at home, it’s okay to go to uni a few years later, it’s okay to do an apprenticeship and it is okay to do none of the above.

Do you and do your best.


With love, 



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