Makeover Day 14th April 2018

Like most girls these days I am totally make-up mad. I qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 2016, but have never claimed to be a make-up artist, it is just a hobby for me but I LOVE it.

I practice makeup looks on myself ALL the time, you can see most of these on my Makeup highlighted story on my Instagram.

On this particular day, my dear friend Saffron asked me to do her makeup, which was an honor as I very rarely do anyone’s other than my own.

Saffron is into beauty as much as I am but generally doesn’t wear too much makeup so it was a lot of fun doing a completely different look for her (even though she is super gorgeous as she is).

I may have got a little carried away, but who can blame me with such a great canvas and no real direction other than “maybe pinks” (which was a winner as I really like using pink tones).



Is she smiling because she’s happy, or because I told her to? I guess you’ll never know

Also, is she not actually the cutest ever?

I love makeup, it is so fun and you can be as creative or as safe as you like. It was fun being able to do something a bit different for Saff.

The eyeshadow shimmer gives me life

After my mum saw she said, “I want a makeover!”… So guess what we did?

We did a damn makeover!


This is my lovely mum before I started.
Doing makeup on myself or my friends is fun, but it’s easy with our young skin etc.
Doing a look on someone slightly older is always much more fun as it challenges you more, to cover fine lines and darker circles – a welcome challenge – did I mention I love it?

Since this day I have become much more experimental with the looks I do for myself and the products I’m using, I have never been a makeup artist and will never claim to be one, but I do like to have fun with it and if I can make someone feel good while I do it, then all the better!


With love,


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