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I have chosen to write about this specifically as I was raised and always have been a high end/ “you get what you pay for” type girl. However, as the times have changed so have my opinions on what products are better.

We all know how things used to be, high end basically meant good, quality products which cost about the same as a small house and high street meant sticky lip gloss, garish poor-quality eyeshadow and a terrible too-orange foundation which was cheap as chips.

But the things have certainly changed a lot since then.


High street brands and products are now made to generally the same standard as high end at a fraction of the price and are readily available in any local Superdrug/boots and often in supermarkets now too!


Walking into Superdrug is now like walking into Sephora.


So now I am pondering the question High Street vs High End? But I don’t think it is actually that simple.

I have completely fallen for some high street bargain products, for example, Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Colour at £7.99 from all major retailers, this product has won my heart! It claims to be 16hr wear but I have fallen asleep (more than I care to admit) after a night out, woken up and it is still in place looking brand new. It doesn’t dry my lips at all, I simply love it.


Rimmel London Provocalips doesn’t have too wide a range of shades, however, due to the liquid consistency, it is super easy to blend shades together.



You first put the colour liquid on, then once this has almost entirely dried you put the clear liquid over the top. This leaves your lips glossy, however, if you simply blot your lips with some tissue, this removes excess clear liquid and leaves you with a moisturised matte finish to see you through the night. 9/10 one of my favourite beauty products.

I also use New Look’s Illuminating Primer as my go-to primer. It is such a lovely texture and really gives a gorgeous glow. I often use this by mixing it with my foundation rather than using it underneath it makes thicker foundations not as heavy and gives them a gorgeous glow – which I absolutely adore.

That being said I still have favoured products which would be considered high end, such as Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation, now, believe me, I have tried pretty much every foundation out there and the majority now are pretty equal in quality, certainly some cheaper alternatives are taking the beauty world by storm but for me personally the Ultra HD foundation is gorgeous, really blend-able, doesn’t transfer, doesn’t appear cakey or completely hide my face.



One thing I don’t mind about my face is my freckles, which are even more prominent throughout summer months, however, to find a foundation that covers all the imperfections and redness I want it to are usually very thick and cover my freckles. Ultra HD covers everything it needs to, with a gorgeous silkiness but doesn’t completely cover my natural face. 9/10 favourite foundation.

Now the real question I need to (try) to answer is Is there really any difference between high end and high street now? Well. I have put that to the test in the pictures below.


I have created the same look twice, once using only high end/designer brands and once using only high street brand products.




Can you tell you which is high street products and which is high end?





Okay, I will put you out your misery… Picture one is high end and picture two is high street, is it the answer you expected? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section! A full list of the products used and the links of where to purchase them is included at the end of this post.

Now somethings to remember, as I said before, there isn’t a great deal of difference between high street and high end anymore, but there is a difference between specific products, how well they suit your skin and how well they last.


Always try and get testers where you can and bare your skin type in mind when shopping for cosmetics as some will work better than others!

Pigmentation of eyeshadows is something I notice a lot, between cheaper products vs slightly more expensive ones… Never fear I have a few top tips


1) damp your eyeshadow brush a little before applying eyeshadow and this will bring out the pigmentation of the colour, meaning you get the best out of your high street pallets!

2) Invest in an eyeshadow primer. My favourite is the Bourjois 24 Hour Eyeshadow Primer but there are many other fantastic alternatives available.

3) Place a cotton wool pad or a piece of tissue under your eye to catch any excess eyeshadow dust that falls onto your face.



One of the best high street brands really taking over the affordable beauty world is Make Up Revolution which is readily available in all Superdrug stores.

My favourite girl to talk to regarding Revolution is Holly Lock, she’s super knowledgeable and has many tips and tricks and tutorial videos of how to use their products to create amazing looks.



Check out Holly’s various social media for tutorials, tips, and pictures of the gorgeous looks she creates


Just Holly MUA Facebook


Just Holly MUA Youtube

One thing I can say for ALL makeup is that it is dependant on your skin, something that works for one person may not for you. One of the UK’s favourites Estee Lauder Double Wear does not sit well on oily skin for example.


For anyone who is wearing makeup, you need to think that it is sitting on your skin, so, therefore, let’s take care of that first! Skincare is my real passion, aside from cosmetics. I live for cleansers, face masks, and all that good stuff.



If you don’t take care of the base of your make up first you are going to find you have issues, with patchiness, how well it lasts etc.

As this is a post about high street and high-end products I am not going to go into masses of detail about skincare as I am saving that for another post (keep your eye out for that one!)

However, some basics to remember; a clean face is a happy face, so remove your make up! Cleansers are your friend. Not everyone has the time or wants to go full whack with masks etc. but everyone should have a decent cleanser and remove their make up fully to clear your pores and give your skin the healthy clean feel it so desperately needs are wearing products on it all day.

MOISTURISE. If you do nothing else, please moisturise your skin! But be aware of your skin type and what moisturiser you are using, if you are naturally oily, you don’t want an incredibly oily moisturiser otherwise you will probably notice your skin will break out.

Finding the right skincare shouldn’t take too long, just take a bit of time to read the product to make sure it suits your skin type. The majority do say on the front what they are best suited too, so that saves us some work.



Again, I will be doing a post dedicated to skin care and my top picks for each skin type, so keep your eye out if that is something you would be interested in!

I have found so many staple high street products that are a necessity, but I am guilty of still loving a bit of luxury in certain products.

I guess my answer to the question is that it is totally product dependent, but high street products are definitely catching up and in this instance, I preferred the look done in high street products!



I would love to see any MUA’s or aspiring MUA’s looks created using high street products, so if you have a link to your page where I can check these out, post it below.

Product list for look one (high street)


Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Foundation

Collection Highlight and Sculpt Kit

Revolution Beyond Flawless 32 Shade Eyeshadow Pallete

No 7 High Shine Lip Crayon

Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara – Very Black



*As a side note the Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara is the holy grail, it is my all time favourite mascara!

Product list for look two (high end)


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Sephora Collection Baked Sculpting Trio

Too Faced Natural Eyes Pallete

Chanel Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour

Yves Saint Laurent False Lash Effect Mascara


With love,



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