The Body Shop VIP bloggers event Chichester 15th March 2018

My absolute gem of a friend Saffron Watson invited me as a plus one to the VIP Bloggers Event at The Body Shop – Chichester.

It was fantastic! Getting to see all the new products that will be launching soon, getting to browse their current products with the help of their wonderful staff and learning even more about their cruelty-free campaign. 


They asked us to tag any pictures taken with #bunnybloggers and #foreveragainstanimaltesting to help spread awareness of the campaign, cruelty free is something I do feel very passionate about, however I am fairly new to recognising which brands are cruelty free and sticking to it, as I am sure many people have experienced it is unfathomable how many brands do still test on animals and I am working to clear my (extensive) collection of cosmetics and beauty products of brands that still do test on animals.




“Did you know that over 80% of countries have no laws around animal testing? We’re taking a stand to stop this cruelty, and you can help. Sign our petition with Cruelty-Free International to get animal testing in cosmetics banned worldwide. We’re aiming to reach 8 million signatures to present the UN in 2018.” This is taken directly from The Body Shop’s website. They currently have over 5 million signatures but need 8 million by summer 2018.


I have signed, have you?




This, in case you hadn’t guessed, is Saffron Watsonshe is simply wonderful.

Follow her Instagram and fantastic blog to see her truly fantastic posts regarding all things lifestyle, beauty, cruelty-free, mental health and more.

She is the best ambassador for cruelty-free and has taught me so much about brands and products to support the #foreveragainstanimaltesting  campaign.

She is also the reason I was able to attend this event!



Max was such a dream, a real credit to the Chichester store.

I loved him, even more, when he agreed with our selfie-taking methods: taking at least 3+ of each angle to make sure you get the best selfie!



We were truly spoilt by the staff at @loveyourbodychichester with these insanely gorgeous goody bags! I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t believe any one person can have TOO MANY body butters. It also included a little bag of samples of new products launching which is to die for!



The samples of new products included Balkan Juniper Body WashPurifying Glow Charcoal Mask,  Japenese Camellia CreamGlossing Strawberry ShampooTea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night MaskCamomile Gentle Make Up Remover and the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion .


I LOVE beauty products, especially skincare so I was super excited when I saw what the sample pots contained!


I couldn’t help myself so I have tried each of the products to satisfy my own (and I am sure your) curiosity.


Balkan Juniper Body Wash – So I tried the body wash within a day of getting it as it looked so good, I have since hidden it back in my room so my mum can’t use it. I love it! It’s like a little bottle of luxury, smelling rich and divine and leaving skin feeling pampered and soft.


Purifying Glow Charcoal Mask – Now, if you are like me you love masks. Especially ones that use the words ‘Glow’ and ‘Purifying’, dream come true! I used this mask Monday evening while I had a bath and I found although it dried hard, it was still really easy to remove with a warm damp muslin cloth and left my skin feeling replenished and super soft – it didn’t leave me with that raw sting some intense masks do, but more cleaner and more refreshed than usual. Very happy.


Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask – This product intrigued me as I like overnight products, as I don’t have to worry about them or make time for them and I always wake up feeling fabulous. I was worried at first as the mask appears to be an almost luminous green jelly and I REALLY didn’t want that to get on my pillow as I slept, however, as I applied the mask it went onto my skin clear (hallelujah). Within roughly 2-5 minutes the mask had completely dried and left a soft seal over my skin, again I was so pleased that it wasn’t going to go all over the pillows! This one wasn’t as abrasive as the Charcoal Mask so it wasn’t as obvious when I washed my face that I had, had a mask on, which was great – no redness! But I did notice my skin felt fresh and energised and I noticed my pores were smaller and any discolouration on my face seemed to have been lessened which was awesome.


Camomile Gentle Make Up Remover I was super intrigued by the Camomile Makeup Remover as it is a sort of cream consistency which melts makeup off! I have seen and tried a few similar products by different brands so I was excited to see how the body shop compared and I was not disappointed! My makeup (including waterproof eye make up) came off with ease and my skin felt fabulous and clean afterward. Anyone who is considering trying a product like this one, I would highly recommend it


“But Lily what about the other samples?!”

Well, The Strawberry shampoo sample was a little small for the amount of hair I have, I absolutely love the smell but until I get a full-size bottle I can’t comment just yet!


I haven’t got round to using the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion yet, but I am super excited as I own almost the entire Vitamin C Range. I just wanted to give my skin a break from abrasive products after I got a bit carried away with face masks this week!


As for the Japenese Camellia Cream it smells INCREDIBLE and is a really gorgeous texture – again, the pot wasn’t the biggest but I do intend on buying the full size because I want to use it more.

I would like to thank everyone at The Body Shop – Chichester  for hosting such a spectacular event and of course to my dear friend Saffron Watson for inviting me, getting me to be part of the #foreveragainstanimaltesting campaign, allowing me to use some of your great pictures from the day and more recently for supporting me in starting my own blog!


With love,

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